Designing Swedish wallpaper since 1930

Duro came into being in Hagaström, Gävle in 1930, at a tobacco factory dating back to the late 19th century. The aim was to manufacture top-quality wallpapers, and that’s why the company was named Duro – it means strong, made to last. Duro wallpapers live and breathe Scandinavian design. We’re one of a small number of surviving wallpaper factories, and today we’re based at the oldest wallpaper factory in Sweden and are still using the original machines we used at the very beginning of our journey. The entire manufacturing process – from basic design to finished product – takes place within our four walls. We take great pride in our Scandinavian wallpaper tradition!



Swedish wallpaper design

A number of well-known Swedish designers have devised beautiful designs for Duro wallpapers over the years. For instance, between 1930 and 1950 Duro focused on artist wallpapers by Viola Gråsten and Sigvard Bernadotte. Famous names such as 10-gruppen and Inez Svensson worked with us between 1960 and 1970. In the 1980s and 1990s, Duro worked in partnership with designers such as Chiqui Mattson. Today, we have our own design studio staffed by a permanent team of designers who give the Duro brand its own unique look. We’re also continuing our partnerships with designers such as Heli Parkkila, Ulla Gustavsson and Ernst Kirchsteiger. All these factors have helped Duro to maintain its success on overseas markets as well, giving our brand its significance.

Duro strives to produce a wide range of wallpapers in different colours, styles and patterns. Our selection includes both QuickUp wallpapers, which are stuck directly to the wall, and classic paper wallpapers. Modern simplicity and tradition. Tradition and simplicity are the hallmarks of our range of collections, and Duro’s collections are designed to reflect Scandinavian interior design.



Gävle craftsmanship

Our wallpapers are printed using a more traditional printing method which uses up to 10 times as much ink as other methods. Duro wallpapers should be of high quality and give the impression that they were printed by hand, even though we print everything from the tiniest details to huge areas. This is done using a combination of traditional technology, the outstanding craftsmanship of our printers and modern IT support. Duro’s wallpaper factory is located in Gävle, and has in fact been based in the town ever since the company began back in 1930. Our work is represented by quality products, but we always prioritise service as well.


Duro wallpapers and quality assurance

We’re constantly working on product development at Duro’s own laboratory. All the inks and surface finishes are produced at Duro so that we can guarantee the quality of our wallpapers. The pigments we use are selected so that they’re not affected by light. We refine our inks at the laboratory, and we also check factors such as papers, raw materials, how resistant our wallpapers are to light and wear and tear, and so forth. Our quality assurance then continues throughout base printing and pattern printing, and when the wallpapers are rolled up.

Through the surface layer, our wallpapers are robust and easy to cut. They can also be washed using soap and water. Wallpapering has to be an easy task, and the results have to last for years to come!

Take a look at Duro

Eco-friendly wallpapers

The environment is always on our minds at Duro’s own laboratory. We established unique environmental work back in the 1960s and manufacture wallpapers that won’t harm our environment. All our inks and glazes are waterborne, contain no toxins and are entirely free from solvents and PVC. We then dispose of the surplus ink in an eco-friendly way. When we select new materials, eco-friendliness is an important criterion. This also provides us with a good work environment both inside and outside the factory. Waste paper from wallpaper production is always converted into heat. Care for our environment is reflected in everything we do.

All these factors also provide us with a good work environment both inside and outside the factory. Care for our environment is reflected in everything we do.

Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden

Royal Warrant Holder since 1946

Duro has been given the honour of being a Royal Warrant Holder by our last three monarchs, beginning in 1946. In other words, the Royal Court uses our wallpapers. This brings recognition to both our wallpapers and the company itself. The fact that the Royal Family and Court are sparing with their use of this honour makes it even more significant. We share this enormous honour with around 120 other Swedish companies at present.

Perhaps these awards reflect Duro’s stringent quality requirements.

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