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Garden dreams and the fantasies of growers. The need to bring nature into our homes is greater than ever. Nature has something to offer to pretty much everyone, whether you just want the opportunity to catch your breath for a moment, potter around the garden or head out into the forest for an adventure.


Bella 366-04

The changing of the seasons, our love for nature and modern geometry have inspired our latest wallpaper collection – Spira. The Duro design team has its feet firmly planted on Nordic soil, and with Spira it’s aiming to present our interpretation of Scandinavian flora in a purer form.

Spira includes timeless foliage and trails, lively flowery meadows and geometric shapes. The collection comprises 37 patterned wallpapers and 7 single-colour wallpapers that pave the way for new colour combinations. We have everything you need to be inspired to bring nature into your home!

For our complete collection, take a look at wallpapers or the inspiration page.


 Midsommar 363-02


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