Design studio tips: Style Guide 2017

Duro’s design studio is constantly monitoring the development of trends so that our design work reflects modern Scandinavian interiors. Our Style Guide is compiled in partnership with our trend analysis for 2017 and Swedish homes today.


Style 1: The house in the country

Heirlooms and flea market finds. “The house in the country” sums up the rural style. A style rooted in tradition, with dreams of a simpler lifestyle.

Dreams of a simpler lifestyle
The house in the country summarises the “slow living” lifestyle trend that’s really taken off over the last few years. This trend is a counterreaction to the rapid changes in our everyday lives, the constant need to remain connected. We’re tired of the stress, impersonal, soulless objects and far too much emphasis on surface. This is particularly apparent when inner city residents leave their apartments in Stockholm to move out to the country with their dreams of a simpler lifestyle. Slow living is all about finding our way back to what’s important.  Inner peace, wellbeing and time with our nearest and dearest. We grow our own vegetables, cook, restore our surroundings and spend time with friends.

This new way of living influences how we decorate our homes. We value items that are of personal value and derive great pleasure from inherited gifts or finds from summer flea markets. If we buy anything new, we make sure we choose locally produced crafts and quality products, paving the way for a new generation of small-scale manufacturers.

When it comes to our homes, we set great store by taking back and preserving the past. Restoration according to all the rules of art has been completed, and everything from mixer taps and fittings to woodwork and wallpapers have been chosen with great care.

To summarise, this style is traditionally rural and rustic, with emphasis on crafts. Home furnishings are topped off with flea market finds and heirlooms, and there’s plenty of room for spending time with people. The colour scheme is down-to-earth, and the patterns used on wallpapers and textiles are traditional. Above all, we see romantic floral patterns and template prints. When it comes to materials selected, we see a lot of linen, ceramic, porcelain and painted wood together with raw natural materials.

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