Wallpaper trends 2018

Green oasis or relaxing rose? Lasting tradition or flirting with retro? There is no shortage of trends to choose from in 2018. No single style prevails so we have picked out some of the strongest and most popular looks. Here are the wallpapers we have selected to match the major trends for 2018.

Trend 1: Green Oasis

Swathe your home in lush greens. Palms, pot plants and little cuttings share the space on the windowsill, bringing the outdoors indoors. All shades of green go well together. Emerald, lime, linden blossom and celadon. Favourite materials are cane, bamboo and wood, teamed with modern and recycled materials.

Our wallpaper choices: 367 Vinbärsblad, 379 Körsbär, 380 Blad, 378 Juni och 384 Gåsöga.

Greens are set to grow more than ever in 2018.

379-03 Körsbär, cellection Natur.

Trend 2: Relaxing Rose

Time to breathe and relax amidst pretty shades of powder pink. This style is cosy and romantic, with lots of textiles, preferably in velvet and soft, gentle shades. Add warm metals and drop in some personally selected interior design details inspired by Art Deco or Baroque for the finishing touch.

Our wallpaper choices: 382 Björk, 384 Gåsöga, 379 Körsbär, 381 Inez och 367 Vinbärsblad. 

Red, pink, purple, rust, coral – all warm shades hit the spot in 2018.

Trend 3: Scandi Retro

The retro home has space for the whole of the 20th century from 1930s functionalism to streamlined 1950s shelving and cheerful 1970s ornaments. The history of design is up close and personal. Retro ceramics rub shoulders with fun details from the big furniture retailers. The backdrop is lovely light pastels combined with grey. Materials are natural. A space for getting together with friends and neighbours.

Our wallpaper choices: 383 Ellips, 368 Harry, 335 Nätverk, 378 Juni och 358 Rut. 

Scandinavian retro is all about pattern – everything from simple graphics to florals that flirt with retro style.

378-03 Juni, collection Natur.

Trend 4: Sense of Tradition

Take tradition and make it your own. The traditional home with its classic wallpapers features conscious minimalism and country charm. Thought has gone into every piece, and details are carefully chosen, organic and sustainable. Wood is beautifully aged, and the rustic textiles are in linen. Blue goes beautifully with wood and subtle earth tones.

Our wallpaper choices: 037 Hudiksvalls Teater, 359 Strand, 006 Dellen, 366 Bella och 064 Västansjö

The traditional trend has been emerging for some time now and in 2018 it’s more popular than ever. The combination of classic wallpapers and lasting, minimalist design is something everyone can get behind.

366-04 Bella, collection Spira.

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